and the winning menu is…..

OK, this is what I am going to attempt to cook this evening. I have never cooked any of these recipes before. What could possibly go wrong?!

To begin:

Tea smoked chicken with mango salad. (I’m using the smoking recipe from this blog: The good news is that we have very overenthusiastic smoke alarms in our house which we cannot switch off (we’ve tried!) so I imagine that this will work out JUST FINE. hehehe.

And then…

Roasted leg of lamb cooked with paprika and oranges. Served with roasted vegetable cous cous, warm pittas, braised fennel and herby yogurt. (The lamb is a Gordon Ramsey based recipe and everything else is from my head.)

To finish…

Ryan’s Key Lime Pie offof GBBO. Recipe here:

Despite the fact that this was ‘one of the best desserts ever on Jibbo’, I am pretty convinced that this was a slight fluke on Ryan’s behalf as he seemed to be baking on a wing and a prayer. It had better be good Ryan!


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