Oooh, what to cook?

Searching for ideas…

We have the Sheldon-Parrs and the newly married Beers coming around for tea tonight, bringing the eating collective to an almighty 6 – the maximum number of people allowed round for tea at Chateau Forge Road, due to the limiting factors of a) crockery, b) cutlery and c) dining chairs.

I’m very excited as I have all day to cook, however, I would normally have been planning a menu all week and have thus far come up with no ideas.

Part of the problem is that I am craving game, but game season has not started yet! So it will just have to be red meat me thinks.

I also cannot use nuts or eggs without killing off at least one member of the dinner party, and mushrooms are considered the work of the devil by most of the people coming for tea. Hmmmmm

The only thing I do know is that we will be having Ryan’s Key Lime Pie offof the Great British Bake Off (AKA jibbo) last week. So whatever else we eat has to fit into a menu with this. As far as I am aware, the only food that has every come out of the Florida Keys is Key Lime Pie. Who knows, maybe that’s all that they eat??

Will update you on the menu when I figure it out, which better be soon because dinner will be served in T (tea!) minus 6.5 hours – eek!


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