How to segment an orange

As promised – a photo tutorial on how to segment an orange. The idea is that you end up with orange segement minus the membrane that would be around them if you peeled your orange in the traditional manner.

Now, make sure you do it properly or my dad will text you to tell you that you have left bits of pith on – as he did for my posh fish and chips photo below. Cheers Dad! (Surely he was taking the pith?! Hahaha)


Right, anyway, you need an orange, a chopping board, and a paring knife (small veg knife) and I find it easier to use a slightly bigger knife for peeling.

First things first, chop off the top and the bottom – not too much as you don’t want to ruin the shape of the segments. This will also give you a nice flat surface to work on.


Slice the peel off using a downward slicing motion. It is probably better to do this in smaller pieces – you can always tidy it up later.


Carefully, slice of any remaining pieces of pith (Or you will get an angry text from Papa Stevo – you have been warned!)

Tidy it up, trying to keep a nice, round shape

I didn’t have enough hands to do this bit and take the photo! You need to use your (sharp) paring knife to slice out the segments. I find this easiest to do if I hold the orange in my hand and use the membranes in between the segments as a guide.

Keep going to you have as many as you need!

Trim and tidy up your orange segments – ta da! You have accomplished a proper cheffy technique. If you also need juice in the recipe, it is worth squeezing out the remaining bit of flesh and membrane as there will probably be a few tablespoons of juice in there.


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