Well hello there.

Well, it’s been a while. Almost four years according to my last post! Much has happened and now is time to reignite the oneyorkshirepudding world.

A whistlestop tour of the past 4 years in the world of pud… which may explain my absence:

A few months after my last post Andy propsed to me (the foolish man). Knowing me so well he cooked me a three course meal. Scallops and black pudding to start. Lamb and fennel to follow. A cake for dessert…. in the shape of a ring box – the boy did good. (Please excuse the rubbish photos, we had just consumed a bottle of bubbles rather too quickly!)


We got one of these:


This happened:

(Pictures courtesy of Jumping Jim Flash Photography: https://www.facebook.com/Jumping-Jim-Flash-Photography-224751980872/?fref=ts)

We got another one of these:



And one of these:


We also moved house twice and I’ve had three different jobs in that time. So you know, it’s been busy.

More posts and actual recipes soon!

Pud xxx