I come from a family of chefs. Dad was a chef for 19 years, my older brother is currently cheffing at Carluccios, and my grandparents’ have, or have had, fantastic recipes this have become family traditions – Grandad Bill’s Pickled Onion and Grandad Norman’s Roast Potatoes being the most infamous.

I grew up watching Mum and Dad cook in the kitchen at home, and the first dish I learnt to make was rissotto. I used to get really frustrated with Dad because he would always have a ‘suggestion’ for everything I cooked, a way to improve it. Last year (aged 26) I almost fell off my chair when Dad said “You’re getting quite good at this cooking”. When reminded of his many “suggestions” through my teenage years, he promptly replied “well, that’s why you’re such a good cook then!”

Having started out living in Yorkshire (obviously), I have since lived in some incredible places – Newcastle, America, New Zealand, North Wales, and now Gloucestershire, and have begun to realise how each place, whether in England or abroad has it’s own strong culinary identity. At the moment I miss the fantastic fresh fish and seafood from the Grainger Market in Newcastle – but then I get to drive through herds of cows (literally!) on my way to and from work each day; and can stop in at the village of Minchanhampton to pick up the most delicious beef, cheese and icecream from that same herd.

Cooking (and eating) is one of the most joyful things, and having lovley people to share it with makes it even better. My friends and family usually get to enjoy tasty food here, and are always very polite when faced with the occasional gastronimical hiccup!

I hope you enjoy the recipes on here and find them useful. Feel free to add your own comments and suggestions.

Bon appetite, or as they say in Yorkshire “Grubs up!”.


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